As a Kennesaw State University STEM major, you’ll find many opportunities in your field, the ability to engage with peers and industry connections and the ability to make an impact on the world.  

Seize Your STEM Opportunities

With 90+ STEM-related academic programs in 13 Colleges, you can experience exciting hands-on research with highly skilled faculty. Events throughout each year, such as Scientista Women in Stem, C-Day (Computing Showcase), SAS Day (Statistics Analysis Software), R Day (“R” refers to the popular open-source statistical software used by many organizations around the world), Physics Day; discipline-specific clubs; and lectures provide numerous ways to explore your interests and apply your skills and knowledge.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our students enjoy a hands-on, collaborative research experience that promotes deep learning and a high level of engagement with students and faculty.  Most departments have research “directed study” that can be used for credit toward research participation.  The Office of Undergraduate Research website provides a lot of information, including how to get started in research, research projects opportunities as well as funding information.  As a student, you can join the Undergraduate Research Club where you can find a mentor, learn how to publish and present your results and get funding for your project.

Do You Rock at Science and Math? 

Kennesaw State’s College of Science and Mathematics offers the Advanced Majors Program (AMP). If you’re selected for this high achieving program, you can gain access to more scholarships as well as benefit from guest speakers, career workshops and field trips to help prepare you for your future career in science or math.

Use your passion for mathematics or science to prepare the next generation of students for rewarding STEM careers. Teaching STEM subjects on the middle or high school level offers many intrinsic benefits, including a positive work/life balance.

Engaged with Peers and Industry Connections

With two campuses only minutes from Atlanta, a major city that is home to Fortune 500 companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines and The Home Depot, you can benefit from internships, co-ops, professional mentors and job opportunities. More than one-third of KSU’s 35,000 students are STEM majors so you’ll find classmates who share your passion for STEM. The semiannual STEM Career Fair and networking events bring employers, both large and small, local and global, to campus seeking to hire Kennesaw State’s talented graduates.

Making an Impact

If your goal is to design award-winning race cars, innovative architecture projects, or video games, to complete innovative research, or start your own business, Kennesaw State has a STEM STRONG program for you. Explore this site to learn more and let us know of your interest by requesting information on undergraduate programs or graduate programs

STEM Strong Student Highlight

Below are a few of our outstanding students that are pursuing STEM degrees and are making an IMPACT.